The Write Touch

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MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) Putting pen to paper. Going from right to left. Sometimes even using an upside down approach. Eighty year old Karen Schmidt from Moline is all about cursive.

The southpaw goes against the unwritten rule. She writes left handed. Not a fan of a right handed method.

Schmidt enjoys cursive handwriting. She writes dozens of letters to family and friends. A mirror approach. Put the text in front of a mirror, and it’s fairly simple to read cursive.

Puzzling? No way! Karen has backwards puzzles. Aptly named “Bent and Wiggly.” She searches for letters to form specific words and phrases. Cursive, Schmidt believes, helps to stimulate the brain. It makes her think.

Karen coped with multiple sclerosis for several years. She had to re- learn how to write and read. She is an inspiration. She believes cursive helped her To attack her ailment. She also recites the alphabet, going from “z to a.” A left handed writer, she jokes, in her “right mind.”

Cursive, a thing of the past? Hardly, according to the Moline woman who takes the “write touch.”