Thrills On Three Wheels

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Kids riding bicycles. It is a familiar sight, especially during the summer. Now, some special needs children in the area have an opportunity to enjoy thrills on three wheels.

Thanks to Mississippi Bend Trykes, the children are riding tricycles designed with special safety features. Adaptive tricycles. The organization provides the funding, giving the children a golden opportunity to enjoy the thrills of having their own, adaptive bike.

The tricycles have special safety features. Seat backs, head rests, and handle bar options make it possible for children with epilepsy, dwarfism,
and other special needs to pedal to their heart’s content!

The program began about eighteen months ago. Since then, Mississippi Bend Trykes has distributed forty nine tricycles. Kids experiencing the thrill of bike riding. Thanks to the generosity of a local organization which believes with the proper equipment, assistance, and adaptations, children can certainly enjoy the ride!