Thumbs Up!

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — Going upscale. Changing with the times! That’s the approach Andy Kay takes as owner of The Green Thumbers in Davenport.

The home and garden store has a fresh look. In the last three years, Kay has spent about a million dollars to spruce things up. A three hundred fifty thousand dollar coffee shop, an olive oil store, and greenhouse addition are showcase improvements.

The business has been at the Brady Street location since 1948. A new sign, fencing, and a fresh look to the exterior are included in the improvements.

The coffee shop has a fireplace, brick on the walls and a relaxing atmosphere. Kay hopes the shop will attract some of the “younger generation” and bring in additional business.

Kay worked at the business when he was in high school at Bettendorf. He has a lot of sentimental attachment to the store.

Green Thumbers has always been a family owned business. Andy Kay has over a million dollar payroll every year. Thumbs up to a Davenport business owner who is proud of the fact that his store has been part of the local community for seventy years.