Tim’s Corner

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ROCK ISLAND, Ill (KWQC) — A Rock Island businessman lives in a “fantasy world.” Tim Cederoth has been “peddling books” for thirty five years. Comic books!

You’ll find plenty of superheroes In Tim’s little corner of the world. He has converted a former dance studio into his business.

The Cape Crusader, Green Hornet, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are among the comic book characters on the covers. Cederoth thinks Hollywood is also lending a helping hand. Movies are cashing in on Star War comic book characters and that has been good for business.

One of Tim’s favorites is a 1942 Superman comic book. It cost ten cents then. Worth lots more now. It’s part of his classic collection.

Some customers make Tim’s Corner a regular stop. They say Cederoth is like family. The former International Harvester employee turned comic book salesman. At Tim’s Corner, business is simply “MARVEl”ous!