Treated As Treasures

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ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (KWQC) — Combining business with renovation. That’s the mission of a couple who lives in Rock Island’s Broadway Historic District.

Gene and Jody Zwiefel bought the Potter House on Seventh Avenue in Rock Island three years ago. During that time, the couple has devoted countless hours to putting character back into the home. They call themselves “old house, old neighborhood” kind of people.

Marguerite Potter lived in the historic home for many years. Her mother took over leadership of the Rock Island Argus newspaper more than one hundred years ago.

Now, the Zwiefels are the proud owners of this local landmark. Since buying the home, they put on a new roof, and have given the house a re-birth. Fixer uppers, if you will.
Repairing cracks, installing period lighting and trying to restore as much of the original look as possible.

There are eighteen rooms in the house. So far, Gene and Jody have restored twelve.

The couple also has an antique business on the property. It is located in a cottage. Kindred Styles Antiques. The emphasis is on furniture from the “Arts and Crafts” time period. Hand- made type craftsmanship.

The couple is on a common mission with other homeowners in the Broadway Historic District. People treating old homes as treasures. Proud of their neighborhood!