Two Wells Elementary students celebrate good grades at Wrigley Field

Published: Apr. 11, 2018 at 10:41 PM CDT
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Tucker and Gunner Speckman, students at Wells Elementary School in East Moline, celebrated their straight A's with a trip to Wrigley Field.

Tucker says, "my mom and dad, they discussed it, and they've been discussing it even before we got straight A's and they decided that we were going to go."

The family made a special sign as a joke they hoped would be seen on TV. The sign says, "Skipping School, shhhh don't tell Principal Verluis!"

Principal Patrick Verluis happened to be at the game and saw the Speckman family as they settled into their seats. Verluis says, "just as I was kind of scanning our area I saw the Speckman family happen to be walking by about an hour before game time."

Recognizing his two students and reading the sign, he had to laugh.

"I shouted to them saying hey guys you can't be skipping school," he says.

The brothers took a sick day and were not in trouble for missing school. Verluis also had taken the day off in order to enjoy the game with his son.

Verluis says, "their purpose and the reason was a good one and they were celebrating their son's success at school."