2019 rain impacting industries far beyond agriculture and those hit by flooding

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Farmers and businesses directly hit by the flood of 2019 have been gravely impacted by the rain this year. But there are so many others who industries have also been affected.
"landscaping, lawn care, house builders, concrete as well, anything where they have to be outside working 99% of the time those industries are suffering as well," says Project Manager at Kelly Construction, Ryan Wheeler.
And the hit can have a ripple effect
"When guys and gals aren't able to work they're not earning an income and not putting that dollar back into the community to help spur the economy," says Wheeler who's employer specializes in concrete pour jobs.
Concrete pour industry is one of the many local industries that has been impacted by the weather. And unlike agriculture, the rain does not impact the opportunity window for productivity. In agriculture, the rain is shortening the window for planting season.
But in the concrete pour business, Wheeler says that's not the case. The job will still get done. The rain is just delaying and slowing down the process.
"If we scheduled to pour something and some rain that wasn't predicted comes in it stalls the job and when a job gets stalled or delayed because of the rain that puts us a day or two behind schedule. and as far as the guys that's a day that they're not working so that's income they're not earning," says Wheeler.
And that raises concern among managers about being able to maintain their workforce
"The biggest fear is the chance of losing employees to a manufacturing position or something that's not impacted by the weather as we are or anything that's outdoors," says Wheeler.
The weather hasn't just delayed the start of jobs it's also made it more difficult to complete them
"One job specifically we had a hail storm pop up after we had poured concrete and unfortunately that hail storm was persistent enough that we had to go the next day and pour the concrete out because it was not ok for us or the customer. And it was an extra cost for us, it wasn't an extra cost to the customer," says Wheeler. He says in his 12 years of working in concrete pour he's never had to re-do a job because of the weather as he did in Bettendorf after the hail. And in over a decade he's never seen the weather impact his industry to this degree.