29,000 Illinois residents not receiving unemployment benefits due to technical problems

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Rock Island, Ill. (KWQC) - Some Illinois residents who are receiving unemployment are not getting paid and wonder how they’ll cover there upcoming bills.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security has stopped paying 29,000 residents receiving unemployment due to a database problem that began on Monday.

While the department knows what the problem is, they don’t know what caused it.

Roxann Forrester of Warren county said her and about 20 people within her company are trying to receive unemployment benefits.

“I have somebody else to help me. But if I lived alone by myself and this was the only source of income then I would be really up the creek without a paddle, she said. “There are people that I work with that are in that situation and really have to have it right now.”

No new claims like Forrester’s will be accepted until the problem is resolved.

The department is hoping to fix the issue by the end of the week and pay recipients by Friday.