30-lb Davenport shelter cat adopted by Iraq veteran

Published: Aug. 20, 2018 at 7:48 PM CDT
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Feline fanatics went gaga last week when KWQC posted a photo of the newest resident at the King’s Harvest Animal Shelter.

At 30 pounds, the cat named Meatloaf weighs about as much as a two-year-old child, much to the delight of pudgy pet lovers across the country.

was shared more than 7,200 times with tens of thousands of comments and other reactions.

Among those who

was Steve Gusman of Moline, Illinois, a city just across the Mississippi River from Davenport.

Gusman, an Iraq war veteran suffering from PTSD, was looking for a therapy cat and felt Meatloaf might be the right choice.

“Steve got attached to the news story and decided to go find out about Meatloaf in-person,” said Mary Armstrong, Gusman’s fiancée.

When the two met, Meatloaf and Gusman seemed to have a connection.

“They got along perfectly well,” Armstrong said.

“They both just sat on the floor and paid attention to each other.”

A veterinarian technician with King’s Harvest said Meatloaf needs immediate help in the form of a proper diet and exercise to lose weight – otherwise his life span will be significantly reduced.

Gusman, meanwhile, who aims to stay active in positive ways to help his PTSD, needs a cat who is not high-strung or prone to darting around.

Meatloaf, 11, given his size and advanced years, would seem to fit the bill.

On Monday, using a pet carrier designed for a mid-sized dog, Gusman brought Meatloaf to his new home.

“Now, I think they’re both going to help each other,” Armstrong said.