UPDATE Man accused of killing his grandmother and uncle unfit for trial

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ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (KWQC) — UPDATE 6/19/18: John P. Conwell will continue to be remanded to the Department of Human Services for five years while he receives extended term treatment. If Conwell is found to still be unfit for trial after the five years the People of the State of Illinois can move to civilly commit him to a state institution for the remainder of his life.

Update: John Conwell appeared in Rock Island County Court today, where he was determined unfit to stand trial in the deaths of his grandmother, 90-year-old Eleanor Conwell and his uncle 69-year-old Steve Conwell.

He will be remanded to the Department of Human Services.

Orginal: John Patrick Conwell was taken into custody and charged with a double homicide on May 15, 2017.

The arrest was made for the death of 90-year-old Eleanor Conwell and her son 69-year-old Steve Conwell who were killed on Mother's Day. The family said everything is still a shock.

Paul Conwell said a holiday which was once a day to celebrate with his mom will now be a day of grieving.

"We're burying my mom and my brother," said Conwell.

Conwell found his mother and brother dead in Eleanor's home on Sunday night May 14th, 2017 around 8 pm.

"We're just in a state of shock, I mean it's my brother and my sister left now, so it's just a state of shock," said Conwell.

Conwell said he went to his mother's home and found the door deadbolted shut.

"I had come over here twice to see if she was here because I had a card for her and there was no response."

Police found and arrested 40-year-old John Patrick Conwell.
Paul Conwell said John is his nephew,
"He's homeless and my mom allowed him to keep a tent in the back which he was back there at the time that this was all going down."

Conwell said the deaths of his brother and mom will make future mother's day hard.

"She's 90 and he was 70, never hurt a soul and now they're gone. It just doesn't make any sense."

Conwell said the family wants to keep the funeral private.
John Conwell is being held in the Scott County jail on a 5-million dollar cash bond. He is awaiting extradition to Illinois.