Bigfoot conference offers social, historical discussion around creature

People brought casts of what they believed to be footprints of Bigfoot.
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FISHERSVILLE, Va. (WHSV) -- People gathered in Fishersville on Saturday and Sunday to talk about a subject of American folklore.

The Augusta Expo was home to the first-ever Virginia Bigfoot Conference.

Sasquatch watchers and people with a curious eye came to discuss the mysterious creature and speakers and researchers shared their knowledge. Bigfoot-related groups also came with casts they say are sasquatch foot prints.

Connie Johnson, a co-founder of the Virginia Mountain Bigfoot Research Organization, said the best part about the conference was being able to socialize with other people who are curious about the creature.

"I'm learning a lot about other people's areas and things I didn't know already about 'squatches," Johnson said. "I'm learning different things. I'm seeing their casts, and if we're able to compare them to mine."

A group all the way from the Midwest made it to the valley for the conference.