Police: Boy shot father with his own service weapon over video game dispute

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, IN (WNDU/Gray News) - New information is shedding light on why an 11-year-old boy allegedly shot his father, an Indiana State Police trooper.

Matt Makowski

The incident happened Feb. 21 inside the family's Granger home.

The boy is facing an attempted murder charge in juvenile court. He returns to court April 10. The boy's father is recovering, authorities said.

The 11-year-old boy told police he wanted his video games back, and court documents reveal much more.

After the shooting, the boy's mother reportedly told authorities that her son has a history of problems. However, she said he was doing well for the most part.

The boy's mom said her son couldn't sleep, so he lay in bed with her and her husband, ISP trooper Matt Makowski.

She said she thought her husband was asleep and that her son would calm down enough to eventually sleep as well.

The boy told police he waited "about 10 minutes" until his dad rolled over so "he wouldn't see me shooting him." Then, police said, he shot his father.

His mom said she heard a loud "gong" sound. Matt Makowski then sat up in bed and started screaming, and she saw blood.

She went to look for her son and found Makowski's service weapon on the floor outside their room.

She grabbed it, went back inside the bedroom, locked their door, and called 911 as her son was coming up the stairs with a BB gun and his father's stun gun. The boy's older sister was also locked in her room with the family dog.

Initially, a deadbolt on the front door prevented responding officers from getting inside. But then, the boy yelled, "Do you want me to open the door?" The officers instructed him to do so and to lie down on the ground.

One officer asked the boy if he was the one who shot his dad, and the boy reportedly responded, "Yes, sometimes I don't think right."

The boy also told police he had several different ideas on how he would implement his "mission" to shoot his father. He said he'd thought about it at school and "wanted it to end" after his parents took away his video games.

Makowski said his son must have gotten his service weapon from inside his locked car. The boy admitted as much and said he went to his dad's car three different times to look for his weapon.

He said his dad caught him one time and warned him to stay away.

The boy also told officers that he wouldn't hurt anyone else if he got a PlayStation, an Xbox and a computer. He threatened he was going to "get these simple things, or there would be a 'Part 2.'"

His mom explained more about her son's behavior to authorities. She said he does not have many friends, and the fifth-grader has a history of behavioral problems at school. She believed his behavior got worse after the family got a dog in 2018.

She also described the relationship between her son and his father as "difficult," saying her son threatens to harm himself every time he gets in trouble.

The family has not spoken publicly.

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