52 crimes, 30 days, one community: Rock Island sees high number of recent burglaries

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ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (KWQC) - Neighbors living in one Rock Island neighborhood say they are seeing a change in criminal activity after two home burglaries in 24 hours on the same street.

"There is something going on and it needs to get fixed," Cynthia Garcia-Blacker said. The mother and wife has lived on 20th Street her entire life. She says crime has never been a major issue, until now.

"It is freaky because it the middle of the name and people were home during the middle of the day," Garcia-Blacker said. "These people have the balls to go into someone's home in the middle of the daytime."

Garcia-Blacker's home was not one of the homes that were targeted but just weeks ago her nephew's car was stolen from the same street. He had left the keys on the seat after a day of fishing.

"It runs great, but in his opinion why do you want to steal a crappy car? It is not one of the newer cars that kids are stealing," she said.

Rock Island Police declined an on-camera interview from TV6 but they do say that there have been a number of burglaries, but nothing seems out of the ordinary. TV6 used daily offense reports provided by the media to gather data. Our reporter counted 52 burglaries to homes and cars in the last 30 days citywide. The department says that crimes are not occurring in just one area.

Garcia-Blacker doesn't agree and says it is time for a change and she believes it starts with the community.

"Let's set on our front porches again," she said. "Let's see what is going and let people know we care about our neighborhood and we don't want to stupid crap happening."

Police say the crimes are likely crimes of opportunity with people leaving their homes and cars unlocked. They are reminding people to lock their valuables.