89-year-old is granted a special wish

Published: Mar. 4, 2018 at 10:41 PM CST
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After working at what is now the Taxslayer Center for nearly 25 years, 89-year-old June Rowell says it was her long-time wish to ride on a Zamboni.

"Carrie, the Zamboni driver, says, I'm still waiting with that Zamboni and I said, well keep it gassed up. I'll be coming one of these days -- never dreaming, never dreaming this would be today," said Rowell.

"She just retired a few months ago and we miss her like crazy and to have this opportunity to have her on the Zamboni with me -- priceless," said Carrie Idle,

The ride was facilitated by Hope Creek Center's therapy department, Consonus Healthcare, as part of its "New Chapters Program."

"Every time we talked about it June had this humongous smile on her face and she'd get all excited so I knew, it was the thing to do so and here we are," said Joan Davis, an occupational therapist assistant at Hope Creek Care Center.

June says her late husband Jack, who passed away about two months ago, was also a Mallard's fan. She says she was touched to see the support from fans and employees then and today.

"It was wonderful. I was happy to see them all when I came in today and those I didn't see, they were coming up to me then, so it was nice. It was so much fun," said Rowell.

June says this is a ride she will never forget and is thankful for all those who helped make it happen.

"It couldn't have been anything better. Lots of people, friends, happiness -- It was wonderful," she said.