99 year old veteran excited to show off his original 1958 convertible

Mark Wegener showing off his 1958 Ford Fairlaine convertible
Mark Wegener showing off his 1958 Ford Fairlaine convertible(KWQC)
Published: Sep. 6, 2019 at 10:20 PM CDT
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A 99-year-old veteran has a unique car from 1958 with all of its original parts! There were 50,000 cars made and now only about 1,000 are left around the world.

Mark Wegener bought his 1958 Ford Fairlane convertible in 1957 and he's proud he can still drive it and make other people happy. When asked what kind of reactions he gets, he gave a big thumbs up!

Wegener has won many awards, from places like Kansas City, Wapello, and recently, Nauvoo. However, he doesn't care too much for the awards: "awards are not important to me. The important thing to me is to show people this car, which is kind of an unusual car."

What makes him happy? Is seeing other people's reactions! "Because I can see the happiness in their faces so I think I'm happy because they're happy and they enjoy it... boy it makes me feel really good!" said Wegener.

He takes it out to drive it about once a week and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. "I'm in love with the car! If get to the point where I can't drive or enjoy it, I'll sell it. I'm getting there now. I'm only 99 years old!" he added, laughing.

Mark's gotten several offers in the past for his convertible, of up to $100,000!

"That car is worth more to me than money. Money doesn't do me any good. Money isn't any good unless you spend it! I dont want the money, I want the car."

That car, giving him memories he'll never forget, "my granddaughter went to New London school and she was homecoming queen and I drove her down the field at homecoming. It was wonderful."

Mark says it was a pretty good investment considering he bought the car for only $3,300.

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