Police department mails speeding tickets to drivers

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) -- Tickets from the Toledo, Ohio Police Department's new handheld radar devices are in the mail. Officers have been standing on bridges and working school and construction zones.

"I was going 71 in a 60 mph zone on the expressway," said one driver.

The driver did not want to be identified, but she is one of many who were caught by an officer holding a handheld radar camera. She's not happy about getting a ticket.

"I didn't see the officer at all. So I was surprised to get the speeding ticket," she said. "I haven't had a ticket in 10 years."

She wasn't the only one caught speeding.

"What I had heard about it was it was for construction zones and school zones," she continued. "I know three other people that got tickets in the past two weeks and it was all over Toledo."

TPD rolled out the new safety devices last month.

"We still have some incidents that are being processed through the system," Toledo Police Lt. Jeff Sulewski said. "So we want to make sure anything clears the system before we release any numbers."

A picture and a short video clip are snapped of speeders.

"We can target a lot more cars, and I know what's going to be said about that it's a money maker," Lt. Sulewski continued. "The message is we a now enforcing more vigorously our speed limits in the city of Toledo than ever before."

Officers are targeting high-complaint areas like school zones, the expressway and city streets.

"What we are asking people to do is pay attention to your driving. Slow down, keep it reasonable around that limit. We're not writing tickets for one and two over," said Lt. Sulewski.

This driver's ticket shows she was 11 miles per hour over the speed limit. She plans to fight it.

"You're breaking the law," WTVG reporter Alexis Means said.

"This is true, this is true," the driver replied. "It's different when the officer pulls you over and they actually give you a ticket. It's really just a way to get money for the city, is how I feel."

Police say they should be able to release the exact number of citations issued for the month of March in a few weeks.

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