S.O.S. buttons proposed for classrooms

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MARIANNA, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) -- A Florida Congresswoman is proposing legislation to put S.O.S. buttons in classrooms that would alert law enforcement of an emergency.

That legislation, called the Secure Our Schools Act, would allow the buttons to alert law enforcement and first responders of an emergency situation at a school.

"The first and main thing you worry about everyday is school safety," said Superintendent Steve Benton. He says that safety is always a concern for students in Jackson County, Florida.

Rep. Gwen Graham, who represents the 2nd Congressional District of Florida, said the Secure Our Schools Act could be especially useful to schools in rural districts.

"If something happened, you know, you'd get instant knowledge or response to law enforcement," said Benton.

Benton also mentioned that he did have some concerns about the buttons, like where they would be placed and how to keep students from using them as pranks.

"That could cause a lot of issues for law enforcement," said Benton. "They'd be wondering, 'Well did a kid punch it, or was it for real?'"

All Jackson County high schools have a resource officer on campus, but limited budgets have prevented every school from having a dedicated officer.

Rep. Graham said she believes this legislation will help better secure schools from violence and potential acts of terrorism.

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