Students make 'get well' cards for men injured in school flash fire

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) -- Put simply, Wednesday was overwhelming for many in Jackson County, Kentucky.

"I'm responsible for the safety and welfare of 270 students here," said Rob Williams, principal at Sand Gap Elementary School. "It caused me to have a sinking feeling."

Wednesday, someone ran to tell him there was a boiler explosion.

"It was a flash fire resulting in some kind of ignition," Williams said.

The fire injured two men that had been working on the system. One was a maintenance man that spent a lot of time at the school.

So on Thursday, the whole school pulled together and made hundreds of get well cards.

In one of the preschool rooms, the children had a lot to say.

One girl's card read, "I am so sorry and I love you."

The school is hoping both men have a speedy recovery.

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