High school seniors open mobile crepe truck

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BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) -- Since birth, Kamryn and Jayme were destined to be best friends.
Their mothers were best friends in high school.

Like most high school seniors, they enjoy dance, friends and staying busy with their part-time jobs.

“Usually, in class like, when we see people through the halls, they're like, ‘Hey, you guys are the crepe girls. When are you open next?'” said Kamryn Durfee.

They decided to do something totally unique for their senior project, turning their passion for pastries into a mobile enterprise.

“We just always love to make crepes, we love to eat crepes; we just love crepes,” said Jayme Pollard.

With that, Kameme's Krepes, a combination of both their names, was born.

“It's like a cute 1950s trailer and we were like, we can just gut it out and restart it, you know, and it will be cute,” said Jayme Pollard.

Along with that came a lot of work.

“Anytime you open up a food truck, it's basically a mini restaurant,” said Heidi Cranney, an environmental specialist.

Cranney met the duo through her daughters dance class. As a health inspector, she was able to work with the girls to get the proper licensing.

“I don't think people really understand how many hours these two have had to put into this project to get this ready to go,” said Cranney.

Food safety is a major concern.

“Because if food is not taken care of properly, there are a lot of serious illnesses that you can get from food,” said Cranney.

As the girls prepare to head off to college in the fall, they'll be spending the summer traveling to different markets and fairs to sell their French treat.

“It's pretty much just a big spread-out pancake, and we have crepe pans that we cook them on and then we flip them and then inside of our crepes, we have Nutella and cream cheese fillings and fruits,” said Durfee.

But no matter where the trailer takes them or what their goals are, there's guaranteed laughter along the way.

“Hopefully to get us new cars for the year... that's our goal: new cars,” said Durfee.

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