A Momentum Maker

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Patricia Hansen is on the move. She is a "go getter." Hansen is President of East Moline Main Street. Volunteering her time to talk up the city's downtown.

Fifteenth Avenue is at the heart of the business district. Good things are happening. Hansen is leading the effort to market that part of the city. From flyers to festivals, parades and other activities, there are positive vibes among many business owners, The downtown is on the comeback trail.

Mom and pop shops are prevalent. Mexican, Greek, and Oriental establishments bring diversity downtown. Runners Park is a big hit. Other improvements are in the works.

Some business owners received assistance to beautify their storefronts. Michelle Horton owns Respect Abilities and received funding to help with business enhancements.

Joe Moreno opened Quad Cities Marathon in the former East Moline Glass building. He caters to the racing community and bought the building. Business meetings, race preparations,
and deliveries are all under one roof.

Gene and Mary Piersall own a wholesale pottery business. They've been downtown for thirty years. They believe the location is a good fit. Free parking is also a plus.

There are some buildings for rent. Buildings which need to be filled. East Moline Main Street uses posters, tee shirts, social media and direct mail to market. A downtown on the go, and that's reason for optimism!