Local favorite, Lagomarcino's, is ready for the Valentine's Day rush

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) We're down to the wire with Valentine’s Day about 12 hours away. At Lagomarcino’s Confectionary, in both Davenport and Moline, they have everything you need. With about 35 to 40 different chocolates, they're all homemade.

Owner Tom Lagomarcino tell us, “This usually the busiest day and tomorrow is the 2nd busiest day. We even have people who come wandering on the 15th and they kind of forgot.” They do take care of them too!

At Lagomarcino’s, they pride themselves on customer service. “ I always tell the clerks- when you get that person, don't worry about the 30 people behind them, you take care of the person that you have and treat them like they're the only person in the store and that's important to us,” says Lagomarcino. If there's a line, it sounds like it will be worth the wait.

There is nothing more elegant than the chocolate dipped strawberry, and they aren’t able often. “Today and tomorrow- that's it. We only dip them twice a year. We'll dip about two hundred pounds. People can call and order them. People can buy them at both stores over the next two days.”

If you’re looking for something bigger, Lagomarcino suggests their biggest heart box. It holds 300 pieces of chocolate and weighs 7 pounds. “We always say they are either really in love or really in trouble. We don’t ask- we just take care of them.”

Their best seller is Pecan Danties and its Lagomarcino’s favorite. “When I need a little energy that's what I go to. I love those. Those are my top seller. English toffy is number two. Caramels are number three with sea salt. “

In this case, go ahead and indulge. “Absolutely no calories here as my dad used to say. Only energy units and we all need energy units so let’s get in here and get some of those energy units."

They are open special hours Wednesday & Thursday. They open their doors at 8:30 A.M. and close at 6:30 P.M.