A look at road conditions for the Tuesday morning commute.

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Slushy is the story for the road conditions early Tuesday morning. As Chief Photographer Mike Ortiz and Reporter Emily Blume traveled throughout the Quad Cities Area, they were seeing more slushy conditions than anything else. On and off ramps, along with side streets, and intersections is where things were most slick and hazardous.

As our entire morning team came in around the 3:00 AM hour Tuesday, we were all traveling on snow and ice covered roads. By the time our crew hit the roads to assess conditions a few hours later, it was a completely different story. Clearly, road crews were out in full force plowing & treating roads between those few hours- doing all they can to make conditions as good as possible for that Tuesday morning commute.

The other notable factor following the weather Monday night is that neighborhood trees were clearly heavy with built-up snow and ice. Winds are expected to pick up quite a bit Tuesday afternoon so this will be an area of concern and something to pay attention throughout the day.

Additionally, temps are expected to drop a few degrees below that 32-degree mark Tuesday morning into Tuesday afternoon so while we’re seeing mainly slushy and wet roads, this could lead to icy areas once we start to see freezing in the later hours of the morning and early afternoon.

As we head out Tuesday morning, we should give ourselves a bit of extra time. We’ll be brushing the snow off the car and scraping the ice beneath that. Also, allow for a bit of flexibility to take it easy on the roads. The driveways, walkways, and parking lots, where we typically don’t see as much pre-treatment, will be slick through Tuesday afternoon.

To continue to assess road conditions all across the QCA, follow the link below depending on your location.

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Iowa DOT