A new bridge for Sabula-Savanna residents, marks the beginning of a new era

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SAVANNA, Illinois & Sabula, Iowa (KWQC) - People who live in Savanna, Illinois and Sabula, Iowa have a new bridge to join them together. Today it was officially dedicated.

Residents say It's going to be hard to say goodbye to a bridge that's been in the community for over 85 years, dozens of residents from Sabula and Savanna stood on the new bridge today, welcoming a new era. Local officials from both sides of the river say the new bridge over the Mississippi River is the beginning of more economic opportunities.

"Ask any business owner in Savanna and they will tell you what a great thing this has been for our town, as the new bridge opens we can look forward to continued growth an increase in visitors, to both of our communities," said Savanna Mayor, Chris Lain.

"The bridge we are standing on will continue to strengthen our working relationship between Savanna and Sabula having this structure across the Mississippi will continue to allow each community to provide support and interaction between our respective towns," said Paul Figie, the Sabula Mayor.

Over 60 million cars have crossed the old narrow bridge it replaces. Now 60 million or more will cross this one, with a new start and endless possibilities.

I-DOT officials say now that the new bridge is officially opened to the public, the process to take apart old one will start Monday, November 20th. The demolition process of the old bridge is expected to last until January.