A new partnership between two food trucks and a local bar

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DAVENPORT,Iowa (KWQC)— Working to take food trucks beyond the summer season and into the winter months is what the owner Melissa Carter of Nombo’s food truck said she’s ready to try a new adventure.

“It was a little sad to see the season end but we are excited about the opportunity,” said Carter.

Carter has put away her food truck for storage for the winter and is teaming up with a new crew.

“I'm partnering with Floyd's Burgers and Sliders which is also another local food truck. We're going to partner up and blend our menus together kind of the best of mine and the best of his and we're looking forward to still taking care of the customers that we see throughout the summer that we're kind of sad to see us go as well,” said Carter.

Both food trucks are going to bring the people’s favorite foods to a new location in downtown Davenport’s Kilkenny’s Pub. Kilkenny’s is leasing out its kitchen to the new food providers.

Carter said with the trio coming together hopefully it helps with the downtown nightlife.

“ We always kind of think back of what we can do to have more excitement in that area and you know there's a lot of good businesses that we can kind of all lean on each other and build up that excitement downtown,” said Carter.

Carter said getting into this new challenge is something she is looking forward to; to highlight more of her foods.

“Moving the operation inside we will have access to a fryer which I don't have a fryer on the truck. It will just open up that menu and the menu options to be able to serve things that we've kind of always wanted to you know the French fries the kind of late night foods,” said Carter.

According to Carter, many surprises are still in the works such as some new foods and a new name for the trio. However, Carter said no decisions have been made.

All three business is aiming to be fully established the beginning of December 2017.