A soaked and soggy Quad Cities May!

Published: May. 21, 2019 at 7:55 PM CDT
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With 1/3rd of the month of May left to go anything we get from here on out in terms of rainfall will be,,, gravy - and NOT the meaty kind! As of Tuesday night we will have received at least 4.3 inches of rain which is average for the month of May. With nearly daily rain chances for the rest of the month it won't be hard to top off at 5 to 6 inches, if not more. That's because based on the season we're in - Thunderstorm season - each storm that crosses the official rain gauge at this time of year can easily produce an inch, if not more, of rain. So, there are chances that we could even go higher than 5 to 6 inches, just when rain is the last thing out lawns, farm fields, and river need more of! But, if after the long winter you were waiting for things to turn green you're likely thinking this is PARADISE!!!