A surprise for a QC teenager battling a brain tumor

A bright pink firetruck took to the streets of Davenport Sunday afternoon to surprise a 14 year old girl battling a brain tumor.

One by one, 14-year-old Emily Wray got a firefighter's embrace.
"It was special" Emily said laughing. A moment leaving her speechless, and her mother in awe.

Christine Wray, Emily's mother said she was, "shocked. I expected that but I didn't know how I was gonna feel after. It was super emotional."

The 14-year-old has been battling a brain tumor for 7 years. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2012, and has been taking it step by step since. This week, she started radiation therapy for the first time since being diagnosed. It's been a tough fight.

"At the beginning of radiation last week, she was very emotional and didn't wanna do it, she didn't wanna do anything. She was gonna let the brain tumor take over. We just gotta keep her going, keep her positive, tell her to keep going" said Christine.

Which is why the men and women in pink showed up. Brian Tribley, President of Pink Heal's Sauk Valley chapter explained, "the goal of Pink Heals is to spread love to women and children that we go and see, and that's what we're gonna be doing today."

A way to show their support for a family fighting a battle few can imagine.

"Ugh it 's been rough. She's been through a lot" said Christine.

The radiation therapy has been tough, but they're staying optimistic. Christine added,"I feel like this is just what we need to do. Give this a shot and see if this'll help because other ones haven't been very successful, so pretty optimistic about it."

Tribley shared that these visits are, "the greatest joy of our lives... anytime we can bring hugs, loves, and encouragement to someone who's really struggling is a great thing."

Sauk Valley's chapter did 145 visits last year, and on Sunday they had four home visits scheduled.

Emily will be done with radiation by the end of July, and that's when they will know what their next step is, and they're hoping the tumor will be gone by then.

Emily's fight is having a benefit on July 20th at KSI where they'll have raffle baskets, walking tacos, t-shirts, and a bake sale - going towards Emily's family.