A weekend full of events for the Quad Cities

Published: Aug. 17, 2019 at 2:36 PM CDT
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The Quad Cities has a weekend full of events - Floatzilla, POPS Concert, and Sweatstock to name a few.

Kicking the weekend off, Montez De Durango at the TaxSlayer Center. They're the second-biggest Latino group to play in the Quad Cities since Julio Iglesias in the 1990s. They play Duranguese music, a style of music regional to Durango in Mexico.

There are two other big events this weekend, right on the river, "we think the Mississippi River is our most valuable asset to our area and we want it to be as accessible to our area to those living here and visiting as possible" said Noah Truesdell, Floatzilla organizer.

Floatzilla, now celebrating its tenth year. The event raises money for River Action, dedicated to fostering the economic and environmental wellbeing of the Mississippi River. And they go right on it.

Truesdell explains, "we have really great paddling trails in the area, and many of them are on the Mississippi. Some are intimidated by the size of the river and this is a way that they can experience it safely. We get the river closed for the event. And they can just go out and give it a try with a group of kayakers."

They're trying to help the Mississippi, and also break a world record with the largest number of kayaks and canoes. The other events this weekend don't intimidate them. In fact, they're working with POPS - with a discount to whoever's going paddling and to the concert, which has faced difficulties of its own.

"Due to the historic flooding this year, we weren't able to use LeClaire Park which is our traditional venue," said Brian Baxter, Executive Director for the Quad Cities Symphony Orchestra. The concert has been moved to the Rock Island Arsenal, giving everyone the unique opportunity to get on the island. All you have to do is bring an ID.

"There's a lot of people I've been talking to that are just excited to go on the arsenal! There's a perception to go, you have to get prescreened for the arsenal. And the arsenal is opening up a lot of their sites" said Baxter.

The gates open at noon, and you won't be able to enter the site until 4, giving you plenty of time to visit the museums. Then, listen to the music of Queen, "the show is a wall to wall hit parade, I mean it's all the big ones that everybody knows."

With a special addition to their traditional 1812 Overture, "one of the perks of being on the arsenal is they have a ceremonial battery of howitzer cannons that they've really graciously donated to the event so it'll be a bombastic finish" said Baxter.

The symphony also recommends you bring extra blankets or tarps in case the grass is too soggy because of rain.