A year later and sinkhole still has part of RIver Drive blocked off

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A year and counting. That's how long a portion of River Drive in Davenport has been reduced to one lane without any work in sight. It's a story KWQC first brought you last summer when public works officials talked of a void under the street that could be large enough to swallow a car. The city is now working on a new plan to fix the problem.
It's a small lane closure, but the issue it stems from has been a big headache. In the median planter a deep hole is visible and it stretches across underneath the left westbound lane. The hole is a result of a collapsed storm sewer line.
Since April 2016 that lane between Brown and Gaines Streets has been closed off.
The Mississippi River is actually behind the big delay because it backs up into the storm sewer.
"To do any work on that we need the river level to go down quite a bit," said Brian Schadt, Deputy Director of Davenport Public Works.
Since it hasn't been low enough for so long the city is exploring other options. That includes working with the Corp of Engineers to potentially build a cofferdam.
"Basically a sheet pile wall that would go out into the river and around the end of the pipe," said Schadt.
It would allow the pipe to dry out and give crews temporary access to excavate down to the sinkhole and find out the full extent of the repair needed. This would be a much larger undertaking than originally anticipated. A cofferdam would also be more expensive but there's no estimate on a cost yet. The city is waiting on designs for the fix before they'll know a timeline of when the work can get underway.