UPDATE: Law enforcement says alleged drug deal robbery resulted in AMBER Alert hoax

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FARMINGTON, Ill. (KWQC) - UPDATE 12/16/2018 2:10 a.m.: The Fulton County, Ill. Emergency Services and Disaster Agency said Sunday morning an AMBER Alert hoax was the result of an alleged botched drug deal.

According to the agency, Mitchell Dutz, called police to report his car was stolen with an infant in the back seat. During the interview process, law enforcement determined that Dutz "fabricated the entire story" after he was allegedly robbed during a drug deal.

Law enforcement said Dutz called 911 around 5:00 Saturday evening told police James T. Jackson, and two other men, robbed him and took the car with the infant in the backseat while he paid for gas at a Farmington Circle K gas station.

"[Dutz] used the infant as a way to pursue charges against the alleged person who robbed him," a press release said.

In a Facebook live, the suspect said he was not guilty and did not take the child. The Fulton County, Ill. Emergency Services and Disaster Agency back up Jackson's claim saying Jackson "was not involved in any way."

According to guidelines from the U.S. Department of Justice on issuing an AMBER Alert, law enforcement must "confirm an abduction prior to issuing an alert." TV6 has asked the Farmington Police and Fulton County for information on whether or not a confirmation was made before an AMBER Alert was issued. We have been told our request will be answered sometime Sunday.

AMBER Alert guidelines also recommend a child be at "risk serious bodily injury of death.

In a press release, the Fulton County Emergency Services and Disaster Agency said at no time was the infant ever in danger, but it remains unclear if the child's well-being was known at the time of the AMBER Alert being issued.

Dutz is facing several charges, including Residential Burglary, False Police Report, False Representation of Police Statement, False 911 Call and various other charges are pending.

Editors Note: TV6 has asked for information regarding the issuance of the AMBER Alert and if recommendations from the Department of Justice were followed and in what order. This story will be updated as we learn more details.

UPDATE 12/15/2018 11:10 p.m.: Reports of a child abduction in Farmington, Ill. are a hoax, according to the Peoria, Ill. Sheriff, Brian Asbell.

In a Facebook page, the sheriff wrote the abduction was “fabricated” and said “no child in danger.”

According to the sheriff, State Police have a suspect in custody. It is unclear who that person is. The man listed as a suspect in the AMBER Alert, James Jackson, posted on Facebook that he was innocent. It is unclear if he is in anyway connected to the investigation.

This is a developing story. TV6 will update this story as soon as we get more information.

ORIGINAL STORY: An AMBER Alert has been issued for a 13-month-old child abducted during a car theft at a Circle K gas station Saturday.

According to Illinois State Police Bentley Dutz was in the back of 2000 Ford Taurus when the vehicle was stolen. Dutz was last seen wearing a yellow Bob the Builder shirt and white onesie with blue hood.

Three suspects are wanted for the theft and abduction. James Jackson, 24, is described as a black male wearing a black T-Shirt and White jeans. A second suspect is a male wearing a yellow Reebok hooded sweatshirt and the third suspect is a male wearing a white hooded sweatshirt.

The vehicle has a license plate at AT70987.

Call Farmington PD with any information: (309) 547-2277.