Abandoned newborn found in plastic bag in Indiana

SEYMOUR, Ind. (WAVE/Gray News) - A police investigation is underway in Seymour, Indiana after a newborn infant was found alive in a plastic bag outside along a fence.

Infant found inside plastic bag in southern Indiana (Source: WAVE)

The baby girl, just hours old, was found Tuesday afternoon along a fence line in the 600 block South Jackson Park Drive about 20 feet from the roadway.

After being rushed to the hospital for an examination, doctors determined the baby girl was healthy.

According to Detective Sgt. C.J. Foster of the Seymour Police Department, the location where the baby was found was not easily visible from the roadway.

The 600 block of Jackson Park Drive is a quiet neighborhood, local businesses and homes with an occasional fence. Tuesday afternoon, police said a dog was drawn to one of those fences and led its owner to a plastic bag. Inside that bag a newborn baby.

Jim Phelps lives right across the street from where the newborn was found. He said he walks his dog every day, but missed his usual stroll on Tuesday.

"Very awful for something like that to happen it shouldn't have,” said Phelps. “Just shocking really."

Because of a language barrier, Foster said the mother might not have known about the Safe Haven Baby Box at Seymour Fire Station 3, just three minutes away from where the baby was found. Newborns can be safely surrendered at a Safe Haven Baby Box location at 605 Meadowbrook Drive. A person can surrender a baby in the box without the risk of facing charges.

"We want to make sure the mother's okay as well and obviously see what the situation is with the mother,” said Foster.

Everyone who has heard of the abandoned baby said they’re happy the newborn was found, before the weather or other factors might have changed the outcome.

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