Accumulating Snow Tonight!

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The first inch of snow for the season is likely late tonight into early Friday morning. The timing of this system will cause more trouble than the actual the amounts of snow. Since this system will arrive overnight, all untreated roads will be slick on Friday morning. Thus you will be need to build some extra time for your commute. To make matters a little worse this will be our first real snow of the season, so we need an adjustment period to remember how to drive in winter conditions.
Snow will start out after sunset SW of the QC. Heaviest amounts of 2" will be south of the QC too. Snow will arrive in the QC around midnight or shortly before and be out of here by mid morning hours on Friday. The QC will likely end up with around an inch of snow after all is said and done. Winds will pick up Friday afternoon and wind chills will dip into the single digits on Saturday morning. All this means a First Alert Day is possible Friday morning and we are officially in winter mode now.