Addiction counselor creates app to fight drug overdoses

EVANSTON, Ill. (AP) - A former heroin user who is now an addiction counselor in suburban Chicago has created a smartphone app that aims to prevent drug overdoses.

The Chicago Tribune reports that 41-year-old Lucien Izraylov's Harmredux app connects drug users with trained volunteers who will carry overdose-reversing medication to make sure they survive drug use. Izraylov says the app is free and users can be anonymous.

Izraylov also runs an addiction and mental health counseling service. He says the app has yet to have its first user.

Izraylov says volunteers don't help people acquire or use drugs. That allows volunteers to be covered legally.

State law says non-doctors can administer naloxone in emergencies without risk of civil or criminal liability. Chicago defense attorney Shay Allen still cautioned volunteers about the uncertain legal situation.