Additional help comes to the Quad Cities to assist MidAMerican Energy

QUAD CITIES (KWQC) - MidAmerican Energy is receiving extra help from Iowa City, Waterloo and Des Moines.

In a press release from the company, MidAmerican Energy dispatched additional crews on Tuesday to the Quad Cities area. They dispatched additional help due to the ice that the Quad Cities received Monday night.

Officials say the weather did cause some isolated outages, however, it did not "substantially impact the system." Officials expect the gusty winds to cause significant impacts to already ice-coated power lines and tree limbs.

“When ice accumulates on power lines and the wind increases, that can cause a phenomenon we call galloping. That’s what happens when wind pushes on the lines and lifts them up, in essence causing them to gallop or jump up and down,” Jim Dougherty, vice president of electric operations, said in a release. “We’re also concerned about ice-covered limbs that can fall onto our lines and equipment.”

The company has dispatched additional line crews and tree trimming crews to the Quad Cities as a precaution. MidAmerican Energy dispatched the additional company and contractor crews from Iowa City, Waterloo and Des Moines, and has put additional crews on standby.

Never touch a downed line
Assume that any downed utility line is energized and dangerous, and do not touch a line. If you see a downed power line, call MidAmerican Energy immediately at 800-799-4443.

Notify MidAmerican Energy if a power outage occurs in your area
If you are a MidAmerican Energy customer and your power goes out, notify the company as soon as possible to help crews pinpoint impacted areas and restore service more quickly. Customers can report the outage online or call 800-799-4443.

Never assume someone else has reported a power outage. If you lose power during a storm, report the outage. This information helps the company pinpoint the source of an outage and can speed the restoration process.

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