Aledo mom shares son’s spina bifida story to bring awareness

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ALEDO, III (KWQC) -- October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month. An Aledo mother is sharing her son's story to bring awareness to the disability.

As the wind rustles outside Aledo, Illinois. Inside of Corrie Sabel’s house, you can hear her son William playing his guitar. Just like any two year old, he is curious.

That curiosity often leads him to many adventures like ending up in a cupboard. This little boy with a smile that can light up a room has overcome a lot.

“So he doesn't pee on his own, he doesn't poop on his own. We do all that for him,” said Corrie Sabel, William’s mother.

William is the boy with two birthdays.

“So William was born twice. We had fetal surgery at 25 weeks to correct his spinal bifida and he was born again at 33 weeks,” said Sabel.

Even after the more than 22 surgeries he's had. He continues to beat obstacles that come his way.

“They told me before the fetal surgery that he would be paralyzed, he wouldn't be able to walk. Now, look at you. You showed them, huh,” said Sabel.

Showing his parent's that every day might not be easy but together they will be okay.

“Just makes us thankful for the little things like being home. The first year of William’s life we were in the hospital more than we were home,” said Sabel.

Home is where they want to create more memories.

“He'll never have a normal life but at least we can try to make it as normal as possible,” said Sabel.

Life after all though, isn't really meant to be normal, but thanks to the people in our lives. It isn't so bad.

William and his family have been passing out flyers to educate the public about spina bifida. The Spina Bifida Association says more than 1,600 babies are born with it every year in the U.S. You can follow William’s progress on Facebook