All In The Family

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WOODHULL, Ill. (KWQC) — Five sisters and a sister-in law are all in. The Behns have opened the newest business in the tiny town of Woodhull, Illinois. The Rocking Chair Mercantile is a bakery and craft shop with a small town feel.

Diane Behn fell in love with the building. She wanted to open a bakery. Using some friendly persuasion, Diane asked her sisters to hop on board. They did, going all in and helping to pay for the business. The Behns rent the space and own the business. Their mother also helps out.

Many of the items in the shop are made by family members. The Velie Buggy on display belonged to the sisters’ dad, Jim, who passed away a few years ago.

The rocking chairs on the front porch are a tribute to Jim Behn. He loved to sit in a rocking chair and sip a cup of coffee.

The sisters have to juggle schedules. They have full time jobs. However, they make it work.

The grand opening is this weekend. Woodhull’s newest business in town, Rocking Chair Mercantile. It’s All In The Family!