Alliant Energy activating AC cycling program in Iowa to reduce costs

Alliant Energy is activating its AC cycling program to reduce costs, effective Thursday, due to the heat. (MGN)
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Iowa (KWQC) - Alliant Energy is activating its cycling program, effective Thursday, because of the heat.

It's a voluntary program in which to save energy and reduce costs, people's air conditioners cycle in 15-minute intervals from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. The blower fans still operate during the breaks to circulate the existing cool air.

The program reduces peak energy use on the overall energy grid, which lowers costs for customers. This applies to electric, residential customers located along and south of Highway 20 in Iowa, extending to the southern border of the state.

Alliant officials are watching the forecast and may run the program again Friday.

The last time they activated the program was July 12, 2018.