Alliant to review bills of customers who feel overcharged

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CLINTON, Iowa (KWQC) – In response to a wave of complaints, Alliant Energy says it will review the billing histories of certain customers who feel they have been overcharged.

This comes after dozens of Alliant customers have reported in recent weeks that their July statements were two to three times the normal amount and in some cases even higher.

Iowa State Rep. Mary Wolfe, D-Clinton, who began investigating after constituents began complaining to her office, announced Alliance’s review offer on her Facebook page.

The review offer is for constituents of State Rep. Wolfe, some of whom in Clinton County tell KWQC they believe the recent installation of smart meters is related to what they say is overbilling.

But Alliant told KWQC last week that the smart meters undergo testing and are working correctly, and higher July bills are attributable to natural causes such as temperature increases this time of year.

Any Alliant customer in Rep. Wolfe's district wishing to have their billing reviewed may contact Rep. Wolfe via her Facebook page.