Alternating Currents: Montse Ricossa's trek

KWQC's Montse Ricossa discusses what she is excited to see for this weekend's Alternating Currents festival.

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - This is my first time hearing of Alternating Currents, and it seems like a blast! Here's what I'm looking forward to...


Painting and drawing and crafting Three things I love! So OMG BeckyFest seems like a blast! DIY's are a hobby of mine, so getting to do them with others is awesome! A great way to save money and be environmentally responsible if you use recycled material.


Coming out straight - a film made by a college student where being homosexual is the norm instead of heterosexual. I love the twist! A lot of my friends have this experience where they feel they have to come out as anything other than heterosexual, so I think it's a very modern and relatable movie topic.

08/24/19, 11AM-12:45 PM
Venue: FIGGE Art Museum


Lewis Knudsen! I met him at the Farmer's Market a few weeks back and absolutely loved his music - he played TV6's old theme song and it was awesome! Great guitar skills... hope you like him too!
Date: 08/21/19 Time: 5:00 PM Venue: Freight House Farmer's Market

Sam Day - a classically trained cellist with a modern twist, what more could you ask for? I love classical music, my family got me into it at a young age, I even played the violin for 9 years! I'd love to hear what Sam does with his cello!
Date: 08/25/19 Time: 11:00 AM Venue: Freight House Farmer's Market

Pressure Kids - Indie music is one of my favorite genres! It's interesting they formed when they were in college and have stuck together- I'm excited to hear what they write about!