Alternating Currents: Sean Moeller's Trek

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Noon: William S. Burroughs: A Man Within at The Figge

I personally think that one of the more underrated and kick butt parts of this new festival and an area that is unique and will grow into a very important part of this weekend is the film portion. So, if you're able to cut away and take a half day at work Friday, do that and start with some film.

4 pm: Scott Walker: 30-Century Man at the Figge

I've always meant to check out this documentary about the much-loved pop icon. I think I even have a promo DVD of it, sent from a publicist years ago, but I just never got around to watching it. What better place to see it for the first time than at the Figge, which I can see from my seventh floor Nerve Center window.

5:30 pm: Al & Bret of the Candymakers at Great River Brewery

At this point, we're well into when the first beer (or whatever, no judging!) should be hitting the lips so get out of the darkness and into the bright light, head down the street -- stop into Crafted (ask about cats and hedgehogs) and Abernathy's (see if they still have the dope old helium clown!) on the way -- to Great River. You should be able to catch the second half of the Candymakers set. (Pro festival tip: Keep moving. You don't and shouldn't stay one place for too long. Unless you're just LOVING IT, which could very well happen this weekend. Keep stops to 40 mins max and you'll get the most out of your festival!)

6 pm: Liz Cooper & The Stampede at The Raccoon Motel

This was the first artist that I booked for AC/QC. She's been to town now twice this year and she's quite the performer. She's a superstar on the guitar -- think something bordering on St. Vincent shredding levels -- and her songs, played with her great band, are top-notch garage rock.

7 pm: Desert Noises at The Raccoon Motel

From Provo, Utah, Desert Noises have just recently gotten back together for a run of summer dates after disbanding for a while. They will be a hit with anyone who digs old Fountains of Wayne pop songs, but more in the vein of old-school Wilco.

8 pm: Condor & Jaybird at Daytrotter

All I'll say is one should never miss a chance to see the Quad-Cities' own Condor & Jaybird, no matter what, if you can help it. They're that good.

9 pm: The Kernal at The Raccoon Motel
The Kernal are, without a doubt, one of the finest working country bands currently working in America. From Jackson, Tennessee -- also the home of QC favorite LOLO -- this band is fronted by a great persona in The Kernal, whose witty banter harkens to a different time. It's the storytelling and the clever songs about love lost and living a life of a consistent downward spiral -- all while keeping a quip and a smile handy -- that will likely make this a candidate for everyone's favorite act of AC/QC 2017. This is a don't miss show!

10 pm: RIPE at Great River Brewery
I don't know much, if anything about this band, but Jason Gilliland has a huge crush on them and he won't stop talking about them so I'm going to check out part of their set, just around the corner, when The Kernal wraps. Will probably have a 483. Might have two.

11 pm: Monster Movies at The Raccoon Motel
We're gonna scoot the short bus back a few yards and free up the space where we chalked up the GAS Feed & Seed mural this past spring and pretend that it's a movie screen. If you bring the popcorn, we'll have the whiskey, beer and monster movies. Let's all get spooked by werewolves together!

11:45 pm: Calliope Musicals at Redstone Room
Since we're still up and the night is young, we really should just head over to the Redstone Room for the last half of Calliope Musicals' set. They're a great Austin band and they put on an eclectic and entertaining show.

12:45 am: Monster Movies at The Raccoon Motel
Monster movies to finish everything off. Duh.

2 pm: Chrash at Front Street Brewery

Odds are I won't be able to make it to these first three things listed as I'll be heading to soccer games and such, but that's the beauty of festivals like this -- you'll have a little FOMO, but you can jump right back in. Pick your spots, folks. If you're raring to go and you've already swung somewhere for a Bloody Mary to lube up for the day, you should head to Front Street to see one of the longest-running, if not THE longest-running band in the QCs. I'm sure Chris could tell you.

2:30 pm: Boogers at RME Courtyard

This is one I'd take the whole family too. And then I'd get rid of them so I could go see movies and bands.

3 pm: The Colossus of Destiny: A Melvins Tale at The Figge

This documentary is about one of Kurt Cobain's favorite bands -- The Melvins -- a frequent visitor to the Quad Cities of late. They'll be back at RIBCO Sept. 26th so use this mid-afternoon opportunity to bone up on this great band.

4 pm: Buffalo Gospel at The Raccoon Motel

I was introduced to this band through my long-time friend and one of the best songwriters out there -- Chris Porterfield of Field Report. He has and will occasionally perform with this group out of Milwaukee and they're on the brink of making a national name for themselves. This will be their first visit to town and it won't be their last so get on board now and see what all the fuss is gonna be about soon.

5 pm: Adriel Denae at The Raccoon Motel

Just a few weeks ago, I was up in Appleton, WI, for my fifth consecutive Mile of Music Fest, which was admittedly provided a framework for how Alternating Currents has been structured and Adriel Denae and Cory Chisel are the two mayors of both the town and the festival. They have created a beautiful arts community in that sweet city along the Fox River and we should aspire to make this festival as much like theirs -- with our stamp on it -- as possible. Denae is simply an angel with a stunning voice that will likely make you cry.

6 pm Cory Chisel at The Raccoon Motel

Cory Chisel is one of the best people I know. A dreamer. A hustler. A great father and husband and a phenomenal songwriter. He's played three sold out Codfish Hollow shows over the years so if you want to see this set, get there early or you're out of luck. (Actually, we'll open up the curtains and the windows to the patio so you won't be completely out of luck. Bring it.)

7:30 pm: Julien Baker and Ben Folds at Adler Theatre

Julien Baker was hands-down the most awe-inspiring and enthralling set at the inaugural GAS Fest in February and now she'll be playing the big stage, opening for Mr. Ben Folds. Both of these sets are gonna be special and there's a reason that the majority of the festival will be dormant while they're on stage at the Adler. You should be there with us. Get those tickets. Drop everything.

9:30 pm: Alyx Rush at The Carriage Haus

My guess is that Ben won't be done at the Adler yet, but I get tired of sitting for long shows so I might cut out before he's finished to go catch a young hip-hop/R&B artist from the Quad Cities. Alyx is a great talent and I've never seen him actually perform a live show so this is gonna be the night.

10 pm: YOUTH at The Raccoon Motel

There was a special, secret backyard pool party last summer that Liza Anne and YOUTH played in Bettendorf. If you were one of the lucky ones to have come to that, you'll know that Julian Dente's songwriting is heartbreaking and powerful. Big things are coming from this young man.

11 pm: Chelsea Lankes at The Raccoon Motel

If there's another must-see set of the weekend, it's this one. Chelsea Lankes should be on the radio. Her songs are HUGE pop songs that bite in the way Selena Gomez's latest singles bite. She's clever and hooky like Julia Michaels and has a big Katy Perry voice. This will be one of her first performances in a while so it's going to be even more extra special. Pack The Motel for this one.

Midnight: King Kong Vs. Godzilla at Great River Brewery
Again, it will be about that time to swing around the corner and watch the most famous monsters of all-time duke it out on the big wall, over at Great River. Might have a 483. Probably will have two.

12:30 am: Reefer Madness and B-Movies at The Raccoon Motel
Let's close this weekend out right with B-Movies and the final high-fives.