Amtrak passenger arrested in drug bust in Galesburg

GALESBURG, Ill. (KWQC) - Law enforcement made another big drug bust at the Amtrak station in Galesburg.

According to the Knox County Sheriff's Office, on Wed., Nov. 7, 2018, deputies were conducting surveillance of the train station when they noticed a man get off the train, later identified as Steven Broberg.

A few minutes later, two men arrived at the station with a U-Haul that was pulling a car on a trailer. Broberg put two large suitcases into the trunk of the car and all three drove away in the U-Haul.

Deputies say they later observed a traffic violation and pulled the U-Haul over. During the stop, the county K9 dog indicated something in the car.

Deputies searched the car and found 42 pounds of marijuana in the suitcases in the trunk. Officials say the pot has a street value of $168,000.

Broberg, Donnie Smith and James Perkins, were arrested on charges of drug trafficking.