Another HAIL of a storm!

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Quad Cities (KWQC) - Highs of 80 in the Quad Cities Tuesday, and 79 Wednesday. And, for two straight days, strong storms across the area as well. Tuesday evening most areas generally saw hail of an inch in diameter to 2 inches. The average hailstone on Wednesday was 1.75 inches. However, as things were starting to get going in southeast Iowa Wednesday afternoon the fire department reported soft ball size hail, that's 4 inches in diameter, west of Denmark, Iowa in Lee County. Stones of this size are built by strong updrafts within the thunderstorms that produce them. The warm temps, both days, help create explosive updrafts that were able to continually lift those large growing stones high above the freezing level where they easily grew in size. Cooler weather has now arrived and occasional rain, but no storms, will be in the forecast into the middle of next week!