Are you ready for more football? The QC Steemwheelers are back

Published: Feb. 25, 2018 at 5:46 PM CST
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If you thought football season was over, the QC Steemwheelers had different plans in mind, and fans could barely contain themselves. Just ask a longtime fan, Gary Stibolt.

"It's been a long time for many fans, not just me, I'm stoked and I'm actually kind of numb that it's actually here now," Stibolt said while tailgating with his friends.

Ready for some football action, many say having the team back after a nearly 10-year absence is huge for the community.

"You always like to come out and support your local teams and give people an opportunity to come out and spend some family time and give back to the community a little bit," said Steemwheelers fan, Jeremy Sierens.

Nearly four-thousand tickets were sold for the home opener today. Team Owners, Doug and Crystal Bland say they came back because the QC community is one of the most electric fan bases.

"Seeing this arena packed out, is what got us have goosebumps going down our bodies," said Crystal Bland.

"Judging by the response of the fans, the sponsors it's something that's been very beneficial and miss and they're glad to have it back," said Doug Bland.

But the owners also say what makes this season so much more special is the ticket prices are 40% less expensive than they were 10 years ago.

"We really wanted it to be a price point so families could all come six, eight people and it is cost-effective," Crystal Bland.

For tickets to the next Steemwheeler home game, here's a link to their page.