Area organizations prepare for winter homelessness

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) -- Housing and service organizations met Thursday morning to start preparing for winter homelessness in the Quad Cities. The meeting held at the Center in Davenport from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. also provided alternatives to combat homelessness.

“I’m grateful, hallelujah, I’m grateful,” said Brian Champ.

Brian Champ is happy he will have a place to lay his head and not have to roam the streets of the Quad Cities. He moved here in September from Chicago to better his life.
“My life has become much better, I’m not using drugs anymore and I mean I feel great,” he said.

He is one of the many people that received assistance at an event today. The event that had different housing and service organizations helped connect people to resources to keep them safe, and provide them with housing needs, so therefore they would not need to seek the winter shelter.

“Community is looking to end the need for the winter emergency shelter in five years. We want to do better than providing people just simply a lifesaving service year after year,” said Christie Adamson, Assistant Director of Humility Homes and Services.

The Kings Harvest winter emergency shelter run by Humility Homes and Services will not open until December 1st. Although staff say it is getting colder, it comes down to lack of funding. That they hope will be addressed so better housing options open up.

“Address things like an increase in affordable housing, policy changes, creative and unique ideas. Expand housing opportunities like tiny homes or shared living situations,” said Adamson.

Housing opportunities that would save lives.

“I would die in the cold, I can't survive this weather,” said Champ.

A problem that goes well beyond the winter months.

“If we all work together it is manageable and it is solvable. I really believe that, said Pennie Kellenberger, Director of the Center.

People also got free haircuts, worked on obtaining state and local identifications cards, learned about new hours and policies at the QC Winter Emergency Shelter.

Humility of Mary emergency shelter is open. Its 70 beds and already at full capacity. Christian Care in rock island is also open for the season.