Local venues discuss safety and security ahead of spring and summer events

(KWQC) - Several gun related bills are being discussed in Illinois, as safety and security remains in the forefront of the national and local conversation. Mass shootings have happened not only in schools, but also public venues like movie theaters and concerts.

As we head into spring and summer, the QCA has more and more local events. Shawn Loter, the General Manager for the Mississippi Valley Fair announced Tuesday they are beefing up security at this year’s fair. There will be more people on hand this year.

“My main point is at the gates to do better bag checks and body checks as well to make sure that no one's carrying a gun or knives or anything like that.”

Local sheriff’s departments tell TV-6 security plans are up to the venue, not police, but they help out in any way they can.

“We frequently do, before an event, an operations plan to determine what needs to be secure, how many people it will take to do it. It depends on the venue where the event takes place,” says Sheriff Tim Lane of Scott County.

Likewise, there are typically undercover officers on hand, checking the crowds for anybody suspicious. Despite security concerns across the country, Rock Island County’s Sheriff says the public should continue on as they typically would.

“Don't be afraid, go to those events, go and have fun. Bring your family, bring your friends. Enjoy yourself,” says Sheriff Gerry Bustos.