Ax throwing with a firefighter raises awareness for fire safety

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) Ax throwing with a firefighter in Davenport on Saturday was a fundraising event to bring awareness to fire safety and education.

The Lieutenant Mark P. Kakert memorial fund was created in 2016 by Lt. Kakert's daughters. He served on the Davenport Fire Department for 29 years.

The fundraiser at Live Action Games in Davenport supported the Lieutenant Mark P. Kakert memorial fund. It was created in 2016 by Lt. Kakert's daughters.

"Axes, firemen use axes. So we thought ax throwing would be something fun, out of the box, not something people normally do for fundraisers,” Katie Kakert, one of Lt. Kakert’s three daughters, said.

Lt. Kakert served on the Davenport Fire Department for 29 years. His daughters said this foundation is a way to educate the community about something their father was passionate about, while also carrying on his legacy.

"Well our dad had such a passion for fire safety and education that it was ingrained in us. We grew up being at the fire station. Going to all of his events. Helping him at schools teach other kids about fire safety," Melissa Kakert-Mussmann, Lt. Kakert’s oldest daughter, said.

They said one the foundation’s main goals is educating the Quad Cities area about what it means to be prepared for a fire.

"We want everyone to have at least one smoke detector in their house. We would like to have multiple, but if we can get everyone in the Quad Cities to have one, that would be amazing," Melissa Kakert said.

Lt. Kakert was in charge of fire safety and prevention for the Davenport Fire Department, but he wasn’t just a dedicated firefighter, he was also a dedicated father.

"Somehow he managed to be at every fire safety event that the Quad Cities had, Davenport especially, but was still at all of our personal family events,” Melissa Kakert said.

Just months before he was set to retire, Lt. Kakert suffered a heart attack and passed away.

"He was just shy of retiring. But he loved being a firefighter. It's the biggest thing that we can say about him. He loved talking to the kids in the community and educating them," Melissa Kakert said.

The memorial foundation is not only focused on fire safety. It supports the fire museum in the East Village of Davenport, where many of Lt. Kakert’s items are on display.

The foundation also provides scholarships to people seeking a career as a firefighter, paramedic, or EMT. More information about the memorial foundation and when the next fundraising event can be found on their website. You can find a link on the right side of this page if on a desktop or on the bottom if on a mobile device.