UPDATE: Crews still working to put out downtown Vinton fire

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VINTON, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- More than 16 hours later, fire crews say they are still trying to put out a fire that has destroyed three businesses and damaged others.

In a media release sent out Friday morning, the Vinton Fire Department says the fire continues to burn despite all the efforts put in throughout the night.

The fire at Michael & Dowd Furniture at 102 E. 4th Street was first reported at 7:13 p.m. Thursday.

The fire spread from the furniture store to Clingman Pharmacy and Fischer Law Firm. Other businesses have suffered smoke and water damage.

The fire department also says other nearby businesses and homes, primarily south of the scene, are being impacted by the large amounts of smoke coming from the buildings.

The city is working to restore power to some surrounding businesses and a structural engineer will be brought in later in the day on Friday to determine how sound the structure is. That has to be done before crews can make entry to begin determining the cause of the fire.

Traffic lights in downtown Vinton will flash red throughout the weekend.

People are asked to stay away from the area to allow crews to work and for safety reasons.

The Vinton Fire Department has received assistance from the Vinton Police Department, North Benton Ambulance, Benton County Sheriff's Office, Garrison Fire Department, Shellsburg Fire Department, Urbana Fire Department, Mount Auburn Fire Department and the Van Horne Fire Department.

All of those crews and affected businesses would like to thank everyone for the food, hot beverages and shelter that has been supplied to them throughout the course of battling this fire.

Last night, people helped get documents out of businesses nearby in case the fire spread.

Crews tell TV9 the fire has spread, now reaching Fischer Law Firm next to Clingman Pharmacy.

They say wind is a factor while battling the ongoing fire today.

The fire has been ongoing for over 10 hours.

Videos and photos from TV9 viewers show the fire rekindled and was still going at 5 a.m.

A TV9 crew is on the scene, as the fire rekindled and was still going at 5 a.m.

Clingman Pharmacy in Vinton will be working out of LaGrange Pharmacy until further notice, according to Facebook.

Tune in to our morning news until 7 a.m. or check this web story for the latest updates.

Several businesses in downtown Vinton have sustained damage from a fire that started around 7 p.m.

Firefighters do not yet know what caused the fire at Michael & Dowd Furniture at 102 East 4th Street in Vinton. The fire spread to Clingman Pharmacy next door at 106 East 4th Street.

Crews were on the scene for several hours, hampered by falling snow and cold temperatures. Neighbors brought doughnuts and hot coffee for the firefighters.

Multiple volunteer fire departments assisted Vinton firefighters.

There is no official word on any injuries yet.

Multiple viewers have notified KCRG-TV9 of a fire at Michael & Dowd Furniture at 102 East 4th Street in Vinton.

The Benton County Sheriff's Office has confirmed First Responders are on scene.

We have a news crew on the way and will provide more information as it becomes available.

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