Baked Beer and Bread Company

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) Stephanie Sellers and Bill Sheeder are not afraid to take a risk. The Davenport couple invested about a million dollars into their business venture at Davenport’s East Village.

The two are all about cupcakes and cookies. Bread and beer. They own the Baked Beer and Bread Company. The business is located in a former art gallery on Mound Street.

The two invested in machinery and several other upgrades to start their business. There are essentially four businesses under one roof. A bakery, brewery, restaurant, and commercial bakery.

The business has about fifty employees. Three times a week, the company brews beer. Eight to ten barrels a month. Stephanie says they make thousands of buns and hundreds of loaves of bread. Everything is done in house.

They have fun with food. Upscale comfort food is their specialty. Smoked beefs. Clever names on the menu include “Smoked Out” and “Notorious P. I. G.”

The all natural wood furniture adds to the ambiance of the restaurant. Sellers and Sheeder say good things are happening in the East Village. Several small businesses willing to invest and locate In an historic section of the city. Getting in on a business revival.