Barstow residents avoid recommendations to evacuate due to Rock River rising

BARSTOW, Ill. (KWQC) - The area of biggest concern in the Quad Cities is along the Rock River.

The Barstow Carbon-Cliff Fire Department is telling people in Barstow they should evacuate, although at this point it is voluntary.

The department even has a sump pump attempting to clear the water off the roads. Despite the threat of flooding, it doesn't seem to worry the people who call the community home.

"No, we're gonna stay," said Kent Etzel, Barstow resident.

"We still recommend you find a place to go. It's not a mandatory evacuation as of now. It's voluntary so that's fine, if you want to shelter in place, that's ok for now." explained Acting Carbon-Cliff Barstow Fire Chief, Ryan Cameron.

Okay for now, but one side of Barstow Road is already covered in water, leaving only one way in and out. But, that doesn't worry the residents.

Starla Potter, another Barstow resident said, "In the past 6 years, they haven't closed it- Barstow road where the bridge is. We have extra supplies, generators to help. Our house sits up a little bit so we've never really got it in the house before so we roll with it, see how it goes."

Everyone has gotten prepared, and are ready to sit out the flood.

"It's my house, it's my property. I didn't want to abandon it and let the house fill with water. So this year they said it'd reach those levels this year. But, we've got a canoe, we've got supplies, we've got a generator. we're ready to go." said Etzel.

The Fire Chief told TV-6 that if Barstow Road does flood, it could take 2-3 weeks for it to clear again.

As of Saturday night, the reading of the Rock River was just over 18.5 feet, which is nearly 6 feet over the flood stage of 12 feet. The Rock River is expected to crest at 19 feet on Sunday afternoon.