Beating the Odds: Boone's Story

Published: Sep. 5, 2017 at 5:58 PM CDT
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A little West Burlington boy had quite the afternoon. It was his first day of preschool, a milestone his parents never thought he would ever reach.

Boone Begner battles heterotaxy syndrome. Only four in one million babies are born with this disease. Of those, only one will make it past their first birthday.

“His stomach is on the right side, liver on the left they were unsure at the time about the intestine and what they could see was that he had a three chambered heart,” says Lisa Begner, Boone’s mother.

After a screening came back positive, doctors told Begner to terminate the pregnancy, but she refused.

“From the very beginning we held off having baby showers we held off putting the crib up we held off buying any clothes just because they told us repeatedly to abort him,” says Begner.

Boone fought hard, beating all the odds. Tuesday was his first day of school, a day his mother thought would never come. He has to be careful at school; even a common cold could kill Boone.

In the future, Boone may face more operations. None of that mattered Tuesday. West Burlington’s little superhero, complete with a bag sporting his logo lined up with his mother, waved goodbye, and off he went.

Boone’s condition is so rare, only two children in the state of Iowa have it.