Bettendorf Dairy Queen temporarily closing

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BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) -- The Dairy Queen in Bettendorf is temporarily closing until further notice.

The store that's independently owned will remain open Sunday until 10 p.m. as supplies last. The store says the closure is to protect their staff from the spread of COVID-19.

TV6 spoke to Karlee Lindorfer, family member and general manager, about the 43 years her family has owned and operated the business.

“Our great grandfather coined the phrase the cone with the curl on top. He was one of the originating Founding Fathers for Dairy Queen is what they call it. Yeah, yeah. And so then our grandpa, my mother's father invented the blizzard machine,” said Lindorfer.

The familial ties made the decision to temporarily close that much harder. They decided on the closure as a family.

“Where do you draw the line? I care so much about the customers that are willing to come out. I would love to be here for them if they are willing to come out. But, how much am I willing to put myself in my staff and their family out there as well,” Lindorfer said.

Lindorfer kept acknowledging the role that the customers have had on their success. She said they were grateful for the support that they've received from the whole Quad Cities community.

“We're all gonna come back from this on every level and so will this Dairy Queen and so will my employees and so will our customers. We’ll be here,” she said.